cards for Get creative

Few more cards i decided to create for Get Creative Challenges

        October 19th Melenias challenge....Birthday Card


   October 17th Maries challenge.....Simple Card

 October 13th Eudokias challenge.... Card with washi
This one turned out pretty funky (colored washi tape and some doodling looks fun ^^)

 little butterflies i added behind the washi tape  and a close up on a washi tape i made myself (the one with the stars and the one above it) and die cutted letters

Thank you for visiting. Wish you luck and happy creating ^.^

P.S. The washi tape "HaveFun" card is the winner at Get Creative October 13th Eudokias challenge!!!! 

wake your dreams

I've discovered a great resisting technique with just a glue stick (thank you Kaz Hall, you are amazing), and so I was inspired to make a card for a Get Creative October 9th Natasas challenge. Here it is

First I created a background, then I stamped over it dots and grid with simple glue stick and let it dry. After this I used a darker shade of the similar color and applied it over the stamped images and then just wiped the images with slightly wet paper. And then just more stamps for more depth of the image

And here you can check the video that inspired me : 

Thank you for visiting . Wish you luck and happy creating ^.^

Wing-shaped album

I always always wanted to try this out!!! Wing-shaped chipboard album!!!! Romantic theme, with lots of different materials used together, papers, die cuts, paints, embossing.....and most important of all - imagination ^^. So here it is! My newborn creation for a little newborn angel :D (and of course I cut the chipboard myself ^.^)


Phew that was a lot of photos >.<   I hope you didn't get bored.
Thank you for visiting . Wish you luck and happy creating ^.^


wedding guest book

 Recently I was asked to make a wedding guest book, so here it is! Fabrics, flowers, layers, die cuts, embellishments.....I'm proud of the result after all  ...

the front view

some close-ups

the inside pages (the inside of the front cover is decorated with fabrics too )

the back view

Thank you for visiting. Wish you luck and happy creating ^.^

All you need is scrap :D

All you need is an empty ribbon spool and any package sheet you don't want to throw away because it's pretty ^.^  (in my case i used one from Prima flowers).
Your next step is to cut the upper part of a spool, decorate it all with the package paper and any other embellishments you like, wrap it around with matching ribbon and voilà! You have got yourself a pretty round box! 


wish you luck and happy creating ^.^