Tiny adventurer's log and surprise Anna-Karin's baby shower

Hello everyone. Today we have a surprise blog hop for you and for our very special Inspiration Team member Anna-Karin Evaldson ^.^
Last year there were a lot of changes in Anna-Karin's life, including a move from one continent to another and just a few months later, a new baby! Leo arrived weeks ahead of schedule (and just 20 minutes after reaching the hospital!) but thankfully he and Anna-Karin are both doing well. 
We want to show Anna-Karin how special she is to us, so we are giving her a virtual baby shower today to celebrate Leo's birth! Even though we can't be with her, we send our love and a special crafty surprise.
We invite you to visit each team member/shower guest's blog to see what they created for this new little guy. 
If you have a message for Anna-Karin, please visit Eileen's blog to leave your well wishes in the comments- then she can read them all at once. Thanks for being part of our celebration! 

And now drum roll please...^.^ my special crafty surprise 

 I call it Tiny Adventurer's Log and it is an exploding box which works as a journal and mini album. The project was made with Vintage Kitchen Recipe box die, it holds few tags and have some room in it's pockets for more memorabilia. I hope Anna-Karin will enjoy it and fill it with precious little memories and adventures of Leo ^.^

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to visit my teammates for more wonderful surprise project and Eileen's blog to leave your well wishes

Anne Redfern
Dianna Hetherington
Donna Budzynski
Lisa Hoel
Nicole Wright
Pam Bray
Shelly Hickox
Tracy Evans

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  1. WOW Oxana!! this is amazing. How did you pack all that into the box? =)

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Lisa! The name is perfect- Tiny Adventurer- I love it! Super cool project and so cleverly designed!

  3. Oxana, you never fail to impress with your beautiful makes and this one is superb, such a wonderful idea and so useful too! Anne xx

  4. Fantastic exploding box Oxana, adore the papers and the fact Anna-Karin can have a mini journal all about Leo, perfect. Gorgeous piece. Tracy x

  5. Wow Oxana, what an absolutely wonderful project!! I love your use of the Recipe Box and all those interactive elements you managed to get into the box. The name is perfect too! I can't wait to see this in real life, what a special gift for Leo. I am so moved by the surprise baby shower I woke up to this morning. Thank you so very very much!!

    1. thank you Anna-Karin ^.^ I'm very glad I could share a little bit of my art with the sweet Leo and I'm happy you like it. It was pleasure creating it

  6. Wonderful! Love the box and the name you gave it.

  7. I love your Tiny Adventurer's Log Oxana. It is beautifully decorated and with so many flips and flaps for journaling it is sure to be a treasured keepsake x

  8. Woozer, so much in such a fabulous Adventure Project, amazing...love every detail, every flap, every turn of the corner is beyond gorgeous. Bravo!!!!

  9. What a wonderful place to keep all of Leo's special events! Beautifully done!

  10. Very, very clever! Gorgeous! Well done girl! Anna-Karin will have fun with that super cool keepsake!

  11. Very cool. So artistic. Leo will love looking at this as he gets older.