mini album for Memories Trend

Hello everyone ^.^ Today as a Memories Trend design team member I would like to share with you a brilliant idea of how to create a mini album from a single 30x30 cm sheet of paper. The idea itself is not new and if you search over the Internet I'm sure that someone else has already done it, but if you still haven't learned about it than this post is for you ^.^

so let's begin
for starters fold the paper in half and than the halves created in half too, after that rotate the paper 90 degrees (clockwise or counterclockwise) and fold again in half and the halves that will be created in half again. You should end up with 16 equal squares

cut along the middle folding line, but only until the last square, than start cutting from the opposite side along the right and left folding lines(again until the last square only). Now you must have paper cut like letter M

now let's start folding

and the other side of our paper sheet 

and the result of the folding. Note that the double pages are going to be the inside pages (must be glued together) and the 2 single ones are for the mini's cover
tip: for my album I haven't glued the inner pages totally, I only glued the edges so that little pockets would be created for journaling tags

the mini turned out quite "chunky", but the I think I like it more this way :) here's the inside mini layouts. I probably have to mention that the photographs are from the very cold and snowy place I was born (Siberia), also I found them on the Internet, so they are not mine  (just in case of copyrights ^.^)


P.S. thank you for stopping by ^.^ wish you inspiration and happy crafting

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  1. Τί να πώ ...καταπληκτικό να το πώ, υπέροχο να το πώ,στυλάτο να το πώ, μοναδικά δημιουργικό να το πώ;Τί να σου πώ;Μπράβο σου κορίτσι μου, ότι πιάνεις γίνεται τέλειο...

    1. ευχαριστώ πολύ Ειρήνη για το γλυκά σου λόγια, έχω πάντα ανησυχίες αν είναι καλό αυτό που φτιάχνω οπότε τα σχόλια μου δίνουν πάντα την δύναμη να προχωρήσω μπροστά ^.^

  2. Another fabulous mini creation, you always pack so much detail in and just love how the tags fit in so well. Fab!! Ruth x

  3. Ειναι πανέμορφο και εντυπωσιακό! Μπράβο!