mini album for the Memories Trend (part 1)

Hello everyone. 
I was in the mood for some recycling these days so I searched through my paper stash and guess what I found...mini paper bags and few craft envelopes..."Mini album!" I though...if only I knew... it took me quite some days (a loooot) to finish, tons of photos of the project and for the tutorial, my crafting space became a total mess, but after all it was totally worth it. 
The album measures 20x13cm , I used total of 7 paper bags and 2 craft envelopes, I call it mini album (not sure if it qualifies though), but the project itself (the amount of a work done, photos and tutorial) is rather huge, that's why I'll break my post in to 2 parts. Today I will show you how I did the binding
and some photos of the project and tomorrow I'll share with you more details on some of the particular pages binding and the cover. 

unfortunately I didn't have enough time to choose some photographs for the album, so I left a white space instead

that were few of the pages and now lets move on with how to ^.^

for starters we need to score and fold the paper bags, try not to score too hard, usually this paper tears quite easily (as for dimensions of a flap start from 2cm at least )

after that you need to adhere the bag sides

 to make pages sturdier I have inserted a thick card stock inside of each bag and adhered it to the back

  you might have noticed that the first page was a bit smaller and also had an extra top pocket for a photo mat, to achieve that I made a cut on one of the smaller bag sides instead of  gluing it.
when adding a thicker card stock I glued it partially.

before binding the pages together I added the main layer of the patterned paper. 
when binding you only add adhesive to the outer sides of the flap you created .

 the final result

p.s. thank you for stopping by, stop by tomorrow for part 2 ^.^


all the supplies used you can find at Memories Trend

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