exploding artist trading block!!! ^.^

Today is my first project as a designer for the Artists on the Block and it is all about my favorite things: mail, coffee and creativity ^.^  Please welcome exploding Artist Trading Block! I made it to hold cards of some of my favorite coffee recipes

so to begin with, I covered some pieces of Sizzix mat board with packing paper and then cut it with   Eileen Hull/ Sizzix XL Scoreboard Die.

then, in order to make the box "exploding", you need to cut one of 2 pieces into 3 smaller ones. I cut exactly along the scoring lines, for now we need just the sides (save the middle piece of the mat board, you are going to use it later for the box lid).

next I glued down the cut pieces to the main one and then trimmed them twice the thickness of a mat board so all the sides would be even

now let's make the card holders. I found it very convenient to use Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Blocks/Cubes, 3-D ,the size of the biggest block is almost like coordinating with our box ^.^
I simply repeated the second step (need just the edges not the middle piece). Trim them and embellish as you like ^.^

 before doing anything else I glued down the first 4 card holders, they go exactly before the scoring lines of the bottom of the box

the next step is embellishing the inside of the box, when you are done you add the rest of the card holders 

as for the lid : I measured the block, then I cut the strip (2,5 inch wide) with an an overlap of about an inch and a half. Glue it together, cover the top , then cover the whole with paper and in the end cover the bottom of the lid with the spare piece that was left from the second step

P.S. following the same steps you can make a photo album from the exploding Artist Trading Block or just make an "exploding" gift box ^.^

And finally, here some close-ups of the inside of the block. I used real coffee beans and cinnamon sticks ^.^ so every time the block is "exploding" it smells so niiiiiiceeee ^.^

without cards

P.S. Thank you for stopping by ^.^


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  1. Very cool project, I love how you've made it explode! Very beautifully done!

  2. WOW, that is so amazing! I love all the stuff inside. Now I need to go make my morning coffee LOL. =)

  3. Τρομερό το κουτάκι σου μπράβο!Όμορφη κατασκευή που μου φέρνει μυρωδιά καλού χαρμανιού στο μυαλό μου!Μμμμμ

  4. Very, very clever, love how you put it all together with those dies. The way you adapted them is brilliant!

  5. XΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ για τα γεννέθλιά σου αύριο!Να τα εκατοστήσεις και να είσαι δημιουργική μέχρι τα 100!Τώρα το είδα στο scrapbooking Greece