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Hello everyone ^.^ yesterday I posted some cute envelopes I made using Eileen Hull block dies.You can see the envelopes here. As I promised in the previous post here is the tutorial on how you can make these envelopes yourself ^.^ I tried to make it as short as possible ^.^  

 here is where you add an adhesive

if you are using a card stock a lot much thicker than patterned paper then you should trim the both pieces about 2 mm (0,078 inch) from one edge, before doing anything else ^.^

here are some of the envelopes I made (you can see more of them here)

Note: in order to score (and not only to cut) a thinner paper and card stock with these dies you'll need to experiment a little bit with a "sandwich" you make for die cutting. Except of a pair of cutting pads and a die I use a solo shim (usually it goes together with a solo platform for die cutting). This way the "sandwich" is thick enough to cut and to score a thinner paper or a card stock ^.^

P.S. thank you for stopping by ^.^ wish you creative inspiration
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  1. Oxana...this is such a neat application for the ATB die cut! I love what you've done with this to create such a very cool vintage envelope! I also wanted to thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog about my Words mini album that Tim recognized in his Blogworthy Links. I was thrilled. <3 Candy

  2. Thank you for sharing this tutorial Oxana, I will definitely try this out - I love your alternative use for the ATB! Anne x

  3. Oxana...I wanted to thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. I truly appreciate your thoughts. I really do think your little envelopes are absolutely brilliant! <3 Candy

  4. I loved your little envelopes Oxana. Thank you so much for showing us all how to create them. Jenny x

  5. What amazing ATB magic--you've transformed them into absolutely gorgeous envelopes!


  6. Widow Oxana- somehow I missed seeing these adorable envelopes! What a great idea! Love them...