Use your artist trading blocks dies creatively ^.^

Hello everyone ^.^ 
Need a quick and easy gift packaging or want to create a cute favor box in no time?
Why not to use Eileen Hull 3D block dies which are mostly know for the amazing artist trading block creations?

start with the die cutting and putting the box together, however we need to remove one of its sides (any side is fine) ^.^

*prepare the patterned paper of you liking (the most convenient sizing would be the 2 and a half times the block's size in vertical and 4 times in horizontal)
*score the paper and start wrapping and adhering it around the block (as you can see on the pictures I also added a decorative edge before the wrapping)

*leave some paper to cover the bottom of the block (half of the block's size would be enough)
otherwise you can just cut a rectangular piece of the same paper and cover the bottom later
*after that we have a bit tricky part, you need to form the paper with your fingers into a shape that looks like a milk carton (it is not very hard, just may need bit of practicing)


*in the end you can add some holes for the twine or ribbon (and of course I remembered about it after I have embellished my box ^.^)

P.S. thank you for stopping by ^.^

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